Minutes from 30-Jan-2018

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes Jan. 30, 2018

Board Members Present: Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Tom McDonald, Brit B., , Hart Kuller, Tom G., Brandon, KJ,

Old Business

  1. Budget – The club as $37,499 in the bank as of 1-30-18. For club members we have 10 juniors, 4 BRC (ADC), 8 new members. A total for 1-30 of 83 members.
  2. Clothing – Members have spent $12,700.00
  3. Sponsorship – Blue Plate in at $2.500, Lloyds in at $1,250 (Lloyd requested a mail list of current members). Summit? Jason will contact. St. Thomas Liqueur (Club members get 15% discount) Josh will create a membership card.
  4. BRP/ARP – Josh is taking over responsibility.  Changing name to ARP (Advanced Racing Program).  Josh volunteered to attend next meeting of MN Cycling Federation (MCF). Josh would like to advertise on Facebook. He is familiar with the process. Josh would like to create membership/ business cards to hand out to perspective future ARP members.
  5. State Time Trial –Lydia, will not return as State TT Race director. We will put a request to the club to see if anyone will step up to director. Board suggested paying race director $250 for their time.
  6. Alec G. – Requested $954 reimbursement for London trip.  Juniors are paying $300. General fund will reimburse him for the balance. Hart has volunteered to be Race Director with help.
  7. Nature Valley Stage race is looking for volunteers. Orson Byton will coordinate with club members.
  8. Spring Party will be 4/4 from 5:30 to 8 at Summit.

Next meeting:  April 3rd, 2017  @ Powerhouse 5:45

Minutes from 25-Sept-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes Sept. 25, 2017


Board Members Present: Brit, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Tom McDonald, Josh, Alec G., Eric Nauman, , Tom Grothe, Fred Storti, Mona LaPlant, Hart Kuller


Old Business

  • Sponsorship

We received a check from Blue Plate for $2500 for 2017.

  • The August meeting minutes where approved.
  • We decided not to have the Fall Club meeting on 10/31 because of the date. We are try to arrange a later date at Summit. If not, we could try other locations. (Red Kitchen or Blue Plate).
  • We will arrange to have next year’s meeting at Summit and schedule them now.

** Spring Meeting April 4 or 5
** Dan’s Shop Party Feb. 15th.
** Fall Party Oct 24 or 25.


New Business

  • Board of Directors and Officer vacancies

o Brian Duncan and Tom K are not returning

o Brit volunteered to be the next Treasurer

o Mona will stay on the Board if we move the meeting to Tuesday due to work commitments

o Josh volunteered to take over BRP if he can hand off the Men’s Active team responsibilities.

o Jordan might take over Men’s Active Team.

o We need an Election Judge for BOD. Mike Spengler?

o We need State TT Director

o Doug will support the Fairground Crit. Series.

  • Board approved Hart’s resolution regarding Elite Team support.


Next Meeting Oct. 30th

Minutes from 21-August-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes Aug. 21, 2017

Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Eric Nauman, , Tom Grothe, Fred Storti, Mona LaPlant, Hart Kuller

Old Business


  • No change. We had an opportunity with Warm Skin, however no action was taken.
  • Summit, Lloyds, Foliey Mansfeild are paid sponsors.

Crit Du Nord

  • $1,500

State TT:  

      • $700

Clothing Sales:

    • $4,357.  


    • 126 members
    • 37 non volunteers
    • 71 volunteers
    • 14 juniors
    • 4 BRP

New Business

Recap of this year

    • No picture / sponsor tags on Facebock, Instgram, twitter for either Women’s or Men’s teams.
    • Can we afford Woman’s and Men’s Elite Teams?
    • Why do we have Elite Teams?
    • We purposed to change focus of the club from Racing to Member focused club.
    • We need to get member to show up to events. Grand Fondo’s? Club Rides?
    • We would still support induvial riders for Racing, but would need to come to board and ask for funding
    • Sponsor are Club and Racing Team Sponsors.
    • The culture of the clubs is changing.
    • We could support Team in the future when we could better funding sources.
    • We need to think about this and make a decision. 
    • Tom G. will talk to Dale.

Fred’s Labor Day ride

    • Fred proposed to have box lunches and Beer for after ride.
    • Two rides one 45 and 65 miles. Leaving from Marine on the St.Croix.


Next meeting:  Sept 25, 2017  



Minutes from 28-March-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes March 28, 2017


Board Members Present:, Dan Casebeer, Monte, KJ, Fred Storti, Alec, Hart Kuller, Shannon, Brit, Brian D, Jason Lardy, Denise Ward, Dale S, Tom K and Tom McDonald


New Business:

Spring Party

  • 4/5 We are ready to go. Food from Longfellow Grill,
  • Team New Kit looks good. And ready to distribute.
  • Each Team (Juniors, Women’s Elite and Men’s Elite) will introduce their teams to the Club members.
  • We need to talk about using hashtags as well in social media posting.

Health Fair (Denise)

  • The date to be included in the Health Fair has passed. Maybe next year.

Beginning Racing Program (BRP):

  • 6 people have signed up for BRP.
  • June 2nd for the Track session.
  • BRP will start at Harriet Island Band Shell.

Juniors Program

  • 14 have signed up for program
  • They are working Fitness on and off the bike.
  • Will work / join BRP on some if not all nights.
  • Wednesday training night. Leave from the shop.

Women’s Program

  • 12 to 14 have signed up for Women’s program / Team
  • We have 3 Elite members

Crit Du Nord

  • We are responsible for 3 dates. 6/27, 7/11, and 7/18

Club Budget Overview

  • Current balance is $30,229.75
  • The Board voted to keep a $10,000 reserve.
  • Spring Party $1,300
  • Men Elite Team submitted a Budget of $21,070. They will receive $11,000 for the 2017 race year.
  • Women’s Elite Team submitted a budget of $7,256. They will receive $5,000 for the 2017 race year.
  • We will keep $2,000 for Emergency’s.


  • Jason Lardy attended the meeting and introduced himself. He will help the club to find sponsors. His fees are 30% of cash and 10% of product.


  • 108 members have paid as of 3/28 from 110 members from last year.

Next meeting will be on 4/17.

Minutes from 13-February-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes February 13, 2017

Board Members PresentDan Casebeer, Monte, Mona, Fred Storti, Alec, Hart Kuller, Shannon, Brit, Josh and Tom McDonald

New Business:

Beginning Racing Program (BRP):

  • Flyers and Card need to be taken to Shops around town.
  • Website need to be updated
  • BRP will move to Lyledale Park along the River


  • Dunn Brothers Coffee has decided not to renew sponsorship. Club members still go to Dunns for coffee. We need to find another Coffee shop for sponsorship. We will ask Jason to focus for first possible sponsor. We will remove from jersey.
  • Lloyds Automotive have paid $1,250.00.
  • Summit? Might need a contract.
  • Blue Plate? Unknown?


  • 86 members have paid as of 2/13 from 110 members from last year.
  • We have 11 juniors registered.
  • Tim will tell us the exact amount from Website.


  • 300 pieces of clothing have been ordered. Up from last year.
  • $20,000 ordered $15,000 for website - $5,000 team clothing
  • Fred will get final numbers for Budget.


  • Clif had not decided to renew sponsorship as of 2/13. They will get back to the club. However will leaving them on the Jersey.

Next meeting will be on March 28th.

Hart is having heart surgery and will not be at the meeting.

We need to talk about Team Budgets.

Minutes from 17-January-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes January 17, 2017

Board Members Present: Hart Kuller, Dan Casebeer, Monte, Brian Duncan, Fred Stortey, KJ, Mona, Shannon M., Denise Ward, Alec G., Lydia, Brett, Doug M., and Tom McDonald

Race Updates

  • State Time Trial -- set for August 12th. We will not need timing chips, which will save money. Hart will work with Steve R. on insurance. Lydia will provide a list of needed volunteers by the April meeting.
  • State Fair Crit (Crit du Nord) -- Being changed from 3 to 6 races. We will own the last 3 races. Doug will supply list of needed volunteers for those 3 races by the April meeting. Dates of our races: June 6 , 13, and 27.
    • Last year’s early registration was $25; same day was $30
    • We discussed increasing this year’s registration fees to $30 for early and $40 for same day.
    • Mike is pursuing a new sponsorship with Lazer to provide a cash prize for the top 3 teams for the series.


  • We will need additional insurance for the club. Steve R is waiting for a quote. BRP will probably need a separate policy through USA Cycling, which we can obtain for $100 plus $2.25 per person/per event. Need to get overall insurance information from Steve R before making decision.

Club Rides

  • We will wait for the insurance discussion before discussing additional club rides. Plan to discuss at February 2017 meeting.

Volunteer Opportunities Include

  • Board of directors
  • Time Trial tasks
  • State Fair Crit tasks
  • BRP
  • Club events (e.g., parties)
  • Clothing distribution
  • Web page
  • Leading club rides
  • Sponsorship liaison
  • Coaching
  • Raising money for race swag
  • Indoor training coordinator
  • Finding additional sponsors for Junior Team
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • MCF representative


  • Flyer needs to be provided to different clubs within the metro, and to shops.
  • Flyer needs to be posted toTCBC-MCF website.
  • Location of event is being changed from Fort Snelling to State Fairgrounds.
  • Need to contact someone at fairgrounds to confirm this is still possible.
  • Need to hold a pre-meeting at GP for bike tune-up and equipment evaluation and possible upgrades.


  • No change with regard to sponsors’ payments since last month. (See December 2016 minutes.)
  • Budget will be cut for 2017.
  • Need to talk with Chuckie from Rally and/or Jason L. about attracting and retaining sponsors.

Financial Statement

  • 68 members have paid as of January 17, 2017.
  • Main account = $26,750
  • Junior account = $7,462
  • Membership breakdown: 23 members renewed with volunteer/new discount ($55), and 39 renewed under non-volunteer option ($75).

Women's Team

  • Denise Ward proposed a 2017 budget of $7,256 budget-- an increase from 2016 budget of $4,000.
  • This year’s proposal includes focus on high-impact events (e.g. the Fly-over Series) . The Women's budget supports 3 women’s travel, lodging, kits, and entry fees. Two of the women (including Denise) are local; one is out of state, with the potential to win the series.
  • No decision was made regarding the proposal.

Elite Team

  • Discussed changing from Elite Team to U23 Development Team. Need more discussion with Dale, and his proposed budget for 2017, to continue discussion.


  • Everything on track for distribution at April meeting to the membership.

Minnesota Cycling Center

  • Hart, Monty, and Fred met with Jason L. regarding the Minnesota Cycling Center Velodrome. Info about the velodrome will be shared with the membership through email, website, and Facebook.

Minutes from 20-December-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes December 20, 2016

Board Members Present: Hart Keller, Dan Casebeer, Monte, Brian Duncan, Fred Storey, Tom Goethe, Eric Nolan, KJ, Mona, and Tom McDonald

Race Updates

  • State Time Trial – scheduled for August 12, 2017.  Still held at St. Peter.  Lydia will be race director.
  • State Fair Crits – still trying to get 3 dates, basically the same time frame in July as was the case for 2016.  Will follow up with Doug (?) to confirm.
    • Discussed having a sponsor for each Crit race, e.g., Lloyd’s Automotive Night.  More discussion needed.
    • Discussed request from Mike Delany to hold 6 Crit races rather than the current 3.  More discussion needed.

Club Rides

  • Idea --  get each of the teams (i.e., the Womens, Elite, Juniors) to lead a club ride

    • Need to discuss whether the club needs more insurance if we do these rides.
    • Need to identify who leads which rides.
    • Hart will check with MORC to see how they do these kinds of rides.
    • Discussed option to have more club rides after the BRP.  (Also need to investigate whether/how much additional insurance required for the BRP.)
    • Need to coordinate publicty for the BRP with other bike shops and social media outlets.


  • Need more people to volunteer.

    • Some have expressed dissatistfaction with changes to the dues structure.


  • Lloyd's Automotive has paid $1,250 for 2017.
  • Foley Mansfield has paid $5,000 for 2017 and 2018 for the Junior program.
  • Blue Plate - Monte will check with them for payment.
  • Dunn Brothers - Dan emailed Andy regarding payment.
  • Summit - Still owes $2,500 for 2017.

Elite Team

  • Sponsors want more for their money than just appearing on jerseys.
  • Need Elite Team members to promote the sponsors in order to retain them.
  • The Elite Team's budget needs to be reduced from last year.
    • The new budget has not yet been determined.

Promotion of European Trip

  • Eric raised possibility for club members to go on European tour.
  • Board members did not feel it appropriate to publicize such an event.
  • Agreed it is OK to publicize via social media (e.g., Facebook) but without the club's endorsement.

Clothing Update

  • Fred will get the fit kit to GP around the first of the year. (Note: It arrive 1/2/17)
  • The LG store on the web site to purchase the clothing will be up by January 6.


Next meetings:

January 17, 2017 at 5:45 pm.

February 13, 2017 at 5:45 pm.

Spring meeting will be held on April 5th at Summit


Minutes from 2-November-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes November 2, 2016

  • Board Members Present: Steve Hirsh, Dan Casebeer, Monte, Brian Duncan, Fred Storey, Alec, Tom Goethe, Tom K, Brit, and Tom McDonald

New Business:

Beginning Racing Program (BRP):

  • One focus of the club this year is to increase BRP participation.
  • Discussed talking with the Twin Cities Bicycling Club (TCBC) to see if they will advertise to their members via their website.
  • Will determine whether can post on Minnesota Cycling Federation (MCF) website.
  • Will determine whether can post flyers at bike shops (e.g., Eric’s, Penn). Will confer with Bob at Now Sports to see if can post flyer at that bike shop.
  • Tom M volunteered to create the flyer, with help from Brit.
  • BRP flyer/information will be posted on SPBRC.net website.
  • Tom M will give flyer to Tim to post on the sites.
  • We expect BRP will have 5 coaches this year.
  • Will move the BRP location from Ft. Snelling to the State Fairgrounds.
  • BRP will start Monday, April 24 with 5 sessions on the road and one session at the Blaine velodrome. Cost is $85 for the 6-session BRP package, or $145 for the 6-session BRP package, annual membership to SPBRC, and a jersey.
  • Discussed whether additional insurance is required for the BRP. Insurance waivers are signed by all BRP participants and kept, but need to determine whether additional insurance is required through USA Cycling. Tom M will contact Steve R to identify whether additional insurance coverage is needed.
  • Discussed possibility of rides after the BRP sessions have concluded. Suggested that elite, active, and/or womens team members could lead the rides.
  • Alec will confer with the elite team, and Tim will put call out to membership to find other volunteers to lead rides.


  • To date, Foley Mansfield has paid $2500 for the 2017 and 2018 seasons (juniors team)
  • Board needs to discuss more as assumed it was $2500 for one year, rather than for both years.
  • Lloyd’s Automotive has paid $1250 for the 2017 season. They paid $2500 for the 2016 season, but decided to reduce their financial support by 50%.
  • December 15th is deadline for sponsors to be on the jersey.
  • Board needs to determine whether, if the other sponsors do not provide their payments by the December 15th deadline, to remove them from the jersey.
  • At the October membership party, volunteers from the membership were identified as point persons for each sponsor. Tom K will reach out to those volunteers to meet with the sponsors before December 15th to collect the 2017 sponsorship funds.

Race Dates

  • Doug wil be at the MCF meeting to discuss dates for the Crits at the State Fairgrounds.
  • Need to look at the date for the State Time Trial in August -- needs to be weekend other than that for the Firehouse 50.
  • Do we raise the race fees?
  • Will Lydia stay on as race director?

Additional Notes

  • Next meeting will be on December 12th or 19th.

  • Will check with Hart to see what date he is available. Topics will include sponsorship/collecting sponsorship payments, and clothing.

Minutes from 1-Aug-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes August 1, 2016


Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dave Montgomery, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Bonny Donzella, Tom Grothe, Fred Storti, Tom Kunau, Mona LaPlant, and Steve Hirsch


Old Business


·         The June 2016 minutes were approved.


·         Treasurer’s Report


o   Men’s Elite team was budgeted $13K for travel expenses.  To date, $4K has been spent.

o   Monty noted that Alec was thinking of doing track nationals and a Canadian track race; however, Dale must submit a request to the Board for additional spending.

o   Women’s team  was allocated $2100 for travel expenses.  To date, $500 has been spent.  Not all expense reports have been submitted. 

o   Junior team received a check for $2500 for 2017 from Foley Mansfield.

o   Fast Freddie Party (FFP) expenses: 

§  $1800  spent for food and Freddie’s airfare

§  The Junior team and main club accounts will split the FFP costs 50/50.

o   Steve will look into changing the club’s 501c7 designation to one that enables donations to be tax deductible. 

o   Fred moved that the club transfer $500 to the Fast Freddie Foundation.  Vote was passed unanimously.

o   Fred will write a thank-you letter to the FF Foundation.


·         Sponsorship


o   Blue Plate Group (BPG)

§  Tom K. met with the BPG to discuss what they would like to see from the SPBRC for their sponsorship. 

·         Idea:  Use tag lines in social media. 

·         Idea:  Designate pairings between a team and a restaurant (e.g., the Women’s team linked with the Longfellow Grill; the Men’s team with the Highland Grill – team members would be available for “their” restaurant’s promotional events )

§  Tom K. thought the BPG would pay $2500 for 2017. 

§  The BPG asked for a W9 from the SPBRC to verify that we are a charitable organization.  Brian Duncan and Tom K. will follow up.

o   Foley Mansfield

§  Paid for 2017.

o   Summit

§  They indicated that they would pay, but we must follow up with them to finalize.

o   Lloyd’s Auto

§  It is unclear what LA wants to do for 2017. 

§  LA wants to know what their sponsorship’s value is to the club, and wants to be more involved. 

§  Tom K. will follow up with them.

o   Dunn Bros

§  DB will pay for 2017, but Dan C . will follow up with them.

o   Ideas for sponsorship

§  Establish an account manager for each sponsor. 

·         Benefit:  The sponsor has a single point of contact, and  the club develops one-on-one relationships with our sponsors. 

§  Establish a social media manager.

·         Responsibilities would include, e.g.,  ensuring timeliness, accuracy, and consistency of tagging in social media.

§  Create a sponsorship committee

·         Responsibilities would include pursuing new sponsors and maintaining/enhancing relationships with current sponsors.

·         The Board will discuss details, and identify sponsorship committee members, at September meeting.

·         Fall Meeting


o   Will be held the week of Oct 24 at Summit Brewery.

o   Lori S. will follow up with Summit to secure the location.

o   To do:  Need to confirm that Lori S. will be responsible for food, or identify someone else.


·         State Time Trial


o   Volunteers  are needed.

o   Bonny and Steve will follow up with Lydia.


·         Clothing


o   SPBRC Kit Design:  Survey narrowed the options to Options B and E

§  Option B

·         Concerns regarding the design; i.e., the triangle is too close to the Wilier shield.

·         Will not choose Option B.  

§  Option E

·         Option E includes modifications to the currentjersey.

·         Fred will confer with Tim regarding options.

·         The design decision will be finalized at the September meeting.

·         Bibs will stay same as this year.

·         Fred will follow up with LG and Podium Wear

o   Will request a fit kit from Podium Wear, and ask if they can meet LG’s prices.

·         Consumer pricing will depend on the SPBRC’s deal regarding costs.

o   Podium T-shirts

§  Bonny suggested special podium t-shirts.

§  The Board will discuss at the September meeting.


·         Beginning Racing Program (BRP)

o   The Board will discuss opportunities for increasing participation at the September meeting.


·         Dues

o   Dues at different rates based on volunteering.

§  Should different rates be assessed for volunteers and non-volunteers?

§  If so, what should the dues be for volunteers?  For non-volunteers?

§  What is the minimum volunteer requirement for discounted dues?

§  The Board will discuss at the September meeting.


New Business


No new business



Next Meeting:  September 19, 2016






Minutes from 20-June-2016

SPRC Board Meeting

June 20, 2016


Special Session: Sponsorship Plan


Present: Steve Hirsh, Bonny Donzella, Tom Groethe, Tom McDonald, Dave Montgomery, Katherine Jensen, Bryan Duncan, Tom Kunau, and Mona LaPlant


Two topics were discussed: Short-term and long-term goals for SPRC.


A. Short-term goals

· Obtain update on the Charlie’s progress with distributing the mix books, jerseys, and invoices from February.

· Steve and Dan will contact Charlie daily for a week in hopes of response.

* Outcome: Steve communicated with Charlie, who will work with Mona this week to distribute the sponsor packets. Mona will update the invoices and thank you letters for those packets before delivery.


B. Long-term goals

· A number of ideas were discussed, including

· Establish a wellness program with a larger sponsor

· Company sponsorship for one of the teams (juniors, women’s, active, elite)

· Expand the Beginning Racing Program (BRP) by increasing its visibility (e.g., improve communication with other TC-area clubs about the program)

* Hire a staff person to organize/prioritize and help with the

implementation of the sponsorship plan. The Board will discuss further at an upcoming meeting.


· The Board decided to focus on 5 things for 2016-17

· Increase dues for members who do not volunteer

* Board needs to determine minimum volunteer requirements for the discount

* Board will discuss pricing (e.g., charge $55 for member-volunteers and $100 for member-nonvolunteers

* Issue will be discussed further at August Board meeting

· Increase income/in-kind donations from current sponsors, and/or identify additional sponsors. Current sponsorship:

* Lloyds Auto ($2500)

* Summit Brewery ($2500 + 4 parties/year)

* Blue Plate ($2500)

* Dunn Bros Coffee ($2500)

* GP (club discounts, and much more)

* Hed wheels (equipment)

* Sram (equipment)

* Bianchi (equipment)

* L.G. (clothing)

* Clif Bar (product)

· Increase the Beginning Racing Program (BRP)

· Increase participation through raised visibility

· Goal: raise $2500 from the BRP

· Board will discuss at August Board meeting

· Determine income from clothing

· Bryan D didn’t have the numbers for how profitable to the club

· Will bring the information to the August Board meeting for discussion

· What profits derived from the clothing? Should prices stay stable, be raised to increase income, or should funds be raised in other ways?

· Create title sponsorship for events

· Examples: The time trial and/or the Crit

· Board will discuss at the October meeting

Minutes from 6-June-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes June 6, 2016


Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Eric Nauman, Bonny Donzella, Tom Grothe, Fred Storti, Tom Kunau, and Brit Billingsley


Old Business


* May 2016 minutes were approved.


* Freddie Rodriguez Events

o Ride with Fast Freddie (Andy R. will coordinate)

* Sunday, July 17, 8:00 a.m.

* Starts and ends at Grand Performance

* Casual Ride (40-50 miles)

* Free for SPRC and Omnium members

* SPRC will pay for coffee and donuts

o Evening with Fast Freddie

* Monday, July 18, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

* Summit Brewery (Lori has reserved location)

* SPRC and Omnium members: Free

* Non-members: $25/person

* Event will be used as a recruitment tactic and fundraiser

* Non-members who sign up for SPRC membership before or after the event will be charged for $55 SPRC membership only (no fee for event)

* Tom M. created an event flyer, which will be posted on the SPRC and MCF websites.

* Leftover 2016 SPRC jerseys will be offered for sale at a reduced price of $30/jersey. For each jersey sold, $20 will go to club and $10 to the Fast Freddie Foundation.

* To do:

* Order food

* Set up SPRC and Omnium member check-in

o Grand Performance Shop Kit

* Dan is arranging for shop kit (vintage design; made by Fast Freddie Apparel) to be sold on the SPRC website.

* All proceeds will go to the SPRC junior team

* Hope to have the kits available prior to the event


* 2017 SPRC Kit Design:

o Multiple designs were submitted.

o The board voted and narrowed the submissions to 5 designs for vote. (One of the 5 options is to use the same design as 2016.)

o Bonny will email the membership a SurveyMonkey link to submit their vote for one of the 5 designs.

o Deadline for votes is June 24.



* Sponsorship plan – Tom Kunau:

o Tom K. presented a long-term sponsorship plan.

o To do:

* Develop a task list and timeline with a back-planning date of November 1 2016.

* Add a brainstorming session at a future date for the long-term plan.

* Prepare a short-term by June 20.

* Obtain an update from Charlie V. on the current sponsors, the status of the distribution of mix books, jerseys, and invoices for current sponsors. (Dan sent an email for an update from Charlie but has not received a response.)



New Business


* No new business


Next meeting: June 20, 2016 (Special session to discuss sponsorship plan)

Minutes from 18-April-2016

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club

Board Meeting

April 18, 2016, 5:45 – 7:45

Powerhouse at Highland

617 S Snelling Ave | Suite B | St. Paul, MN 55116


Meeting Notes



* Board: Tom Grothe, Dave Montgomery, Katherine Jenson, Shannon McDonough, Dan Casebeer, Tom Kunau, Fred Storti, Steve Hirsh

* Members: Bonny Donzella, Andy Ralston, Sean Bujold, Dale Sedgwick


1) Old business

a. Approve March minutes

i. approved

b. Treasurer’s report (Brian)

i. none

c. Freddie Rodriguez clothing (Andy Ralston)

i. Board approved up to $400 for plane ticket and up to $200 per diem (if requested) to bring Freddie Rodriguez.

ii. Tentative dates: 7/8 – 7/11

iii. Activities – Dan and Andy will coordinate

1. July 9 SPBRC/Omnium crit

2. Sunday ride

3. Shop talks

iv. Kits

1. Dan will order small run of shop kits, and has offered to donate profits to club.

2) New business

a. 2017 kit design

i. Design/ordering criteria:

1. Colors to feature green/red/white

2. Cost comparable to past years

3. Sponsor logos to be displayed on kit

4. Same design for men’s and women’s kits

a. Fred will invite Connie Wahlberg to work with him on design with goal of creating a design acceptable to men and women.

ii. Design contest: Fred will create a contest for club members to design new kits. Designs due by 6/1. Winner to get free bibs/jersey.

b. Women’s team clothing

i. Club will submit a second order to LG for clothing for women’s team.

ii. Clothing for NSGP composite members to come from women’s team budget.

c. New sponsor recruitment

i. Tom K will develop marketing plan for board to review in June.

ii. Sponsorship commitments due by Nov. 1 for inclusion in new kit design.

iii. Club will aim to retain current sponsors and to recruit a new major sponsor (at least $10,000/yr commitment).

iv. Marketing plan will propose sponsorship tiers, and cost/benefits for each tier.

d. Summer meeting schedule

i. No meeting in May.

ii. Next meeting: June 6

1. June meeting to review/approve marketing plan, kit design contest results.

Minutes from 15-March-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes March 15, 2016


Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Steve Hirsch, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Mona LaPlant, Dale Sedgewick, Andy Ralston., Sean, and Brit Billingsley


Old Business


* The February 2016 minutes were approved by the Board.

* Crit Sponsorship Update (Doug Malmgren)

o All three dates were secured (July 12th, 19th, and July 26th).

* BRP Update (Brit Billingsley)

o The BRP will begin April 18th.

o Six people have signed up for the program.

o A Monday track /velodrome event is being added to the BRP offerings.

* Bylaws Amendment vote (Steve)

o Updated bylaws were sent to the club at large for review.

o No feedback from club at large.

o Tom will work with Tim to add the approved, updated bylaws to club website.

o Updated bylaws will be added to folders.

* Treasurer’s Report (Brian Duncan):

o New bank account was set up for club signers.

o The signers are Bryan Hill, Dan Casebeer, and Brian Duncan.

o The move from PayPal to Swipe/Square was completed.

o PayPal account will remain open until later this year to ensure all transactions are handled.

* Club Credit Cards (Brian)

o Four new business credit cards for Men’s, Women’s, and Juniors’ teams, and for Steve Hirsch.

* $5K limit for each card

* Sponsor Photo Book Distribution (Dan)

o Charlie and Tom to deliver books, jerseys, and 2016 invoices to sponsors. Monty and Fred will accompany Charlie/Tom on deliveries.

* Spring Party Program (Group)

o Elite Men’s, Elite Women’s, and Juniors teams will be presented.

o Board members will be presented.

o Clothing will be distributed.

o Crit series will be announced.

o Lydia will be announced as state time trial race director.

o Requests will be made for volunteers to assist with the Crit series, time trial, and BRP.

* Shannon will provide clip boards and sign-up sheets

o Leftover jerseys from last year will be sold on the website after the spring party (date TBD)


New Business

* Freddie Rodriguez (Andy Ralston)

o For cost of air-fare, FR will come to Minneapolis to discuss possible sponsorship/clothing for 2017.

o In addition, possibility will ride with club members and give a talk to club membership.

* Women’s Week (Dan Casebeer)

o Andy Freeman and Denise Ward are planning a WW event comprising rides, coaching, and clothing.

o Sponsorship by Grand Performance.

o Date TBD; possibly late April/early May.

* High Bridge Resurfacing Project (Steve)

o Steve is on Citizen Advisory Committee for this project, and will provide updates as available.

* Men’s Elite Team North Star Race (Dale)

o Dale wants to add three racers for the June race.

o Alec and Alex are Cat 2 and need to be upgraded to Cat 1.

o Peter, already a Cat 1, should be cleared to participate in North Star Race.

o Board agreed to add one out-of-town racer, but the other two must be local talent.



Next meeting: April 19, 2016

Minutes from 16-Feb-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes Februrary 16, 2016


Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Doug Malmgren, Shannon McDonough, Fred Storti, Tom Grothe, Steve Hirsch, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Mona Laplant,  and Eric Nauman


Old Business


·         The December 2015 and January 2016 minutes were approved by the Board.

·         Treasurer’s Report (Brian Duncan):

o   Discussed whether need multiple credit cards.  Board decided to keep one credit card vs. multiple cards.

o   Accounts are in good order

o   Brian needs to create invoices for this year’s sponsors’ payments

·         Crit Sponsorship Update (Doug Malmgren)

o   Scheduled for two dates:  July 12th and 19th; possibly July 26th. 

o   Discount for riders doing all 12 races (State Fair Crit Race Series) – reduced entry fees for the series at the fairground

·         State Time Trial Update (Steve Hirsch)

o   Lydia Gutowsky is new race director

o   Lydia will arrange a planning meeting; details to follow

o   August 6th is set in the MCF calendar

·         Sponsor Photo Book Update (KJ)

o   Book is complete and sent to Mixbook for printing

o   Copies have been delivered to Grand Performance

o   Dan sent message to Charlie and Tom to deliver books, jerseys, and 2016 invoices to sponsors.  Monty and Fred will accompany Charlie/Tom on deliveries.

·         Spring Party Update (Group)

o   Date is set for April 5th

o   Lori is planning food for 100 people

o   Program

§  Elite Men’s, Elite Women’s, and Juniors teams will be presented

§  Board members will be presented

§  Clothing will be distributed

o   Leftover jerseys from last year will be sold on the website after the spring party (date TBD)

·         Bylaws Review (Eric)

o   Board approved Eric’s revisions

o   Article 3:  Covers requirements for paid membership, current club jersey, and following all club policies

o   Eric will distribute updated bylaws to the club at large for review within the week.

o   Tom will work with Tim to add bylaws to club website once they are approved.


New Business

·         Beginning racing program (BRP) needs to be discussed, including:

o   Start date

o   Who in charge

o   Who is signed up


Next meeting:  March 15, 2016

Minutes from 19-Jan-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes Jan. 19th 2016

Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Fred Storti, Tom Grothe, Alec Guggemos, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Tim Ayers, Dale Segwick, Bonny Donzella

Old Business

  • December minutes will be approved next month
  • State Fair Crit Sponsorship (Doug Malmgren) -- Doug stated that Omnium would be willing to co-sponsor 3 races as part of series in July. The cost per race is $2,000.00. The board passed that they would allocate up to $3,000.00 to split the $6,000.00 cost with Omnium. We will need Club volunteers for race duties. A Race Director is needed.  KJ and Dave M. will attend the MCF meeting to secure dates for Races.
  • Treasurer's report (Brian Duncan) -- Brian D. will meet with Bryan Hill to transition Bank accounts.
  • TT Race Director Update -- As of the meeting we have not found anyone willing to take responsibility as Race Director. The proposed race date is August 6th. If we cannot find a Director, we will need to give up the race. Bonnie will send out an email to the club see if anyone is willing.
  • Sponsor Report Update (Tom K and KJ)  -- KJ worked on creating a coffee table book for our sponsors. We plan to create 11 books for Summit, Lloyd’s Auto, Dunn Brothers, Blue Plate, HED, Foley Mansfield, SRAM, Bianchi and an extra book to show new sponsors. The Board allocated $750.00 to create the books. KJ will send out a link to have members update captions and memories associated to pictures by 1/22. Response is needed by 1/29. The goal is to have the book completed by 2/12.

New Business

  • Changes to the new web site have been made by Tim.  New website uses Square Space and SWIPE for club-member payments.  New website will implement changes for 2015 jersey purchases and any new team member dues.
  • Women's Team Budget -- the budget for $5K approved in December 2015.  Women's team created a mini- board of 3 members, consisting of Bonnie, Connie, and Denise.  There's a possibiliy of adding 10 members from Anna Schwinn's team; waiting for confirmation.
  • Men's Elite Team -- Eric and Shannon are team liaisons for the elite team.  For equipment, men have all four sets of HED wheels but want to purchase more.  Their clothing requiremennts will be submitted to Fred Storti to add to team order.  Dale raised questions about Cliff wearable swag/contracts for elite riders.
  • Club account credentials-- need a list of the accounts and who is associated with the accounts.  Examples:  Pay Pal/Website/Bank.  Tim will research.
  • Cliff order -- Steve.  Bonnie will get 70 box order submitted by February.
  • By-laws review --  Binder will checked for by-laws.
  • Board contact sheet -- Steve will send out contact sheet in Google Docs soboard members can update their email, phone, and other contact information
  • Dan will confirm date for Spring party.  Lori will contact Blue Plate regarding food for the party.
  • Junior's team jersey count -- Fred's order is 11 total.
  • Leftover jerseys will be sold after spring party.

Minutes from 15-Dec-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting minutes December 15, 2015, by Peter Fischer

Board Members Present: Brian Duncan (Probable new treasurer), Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Fred Storti, Tom Grothe, Alec Guggemos, Peter Fischer, Tom McDonald, Mona Riskalla, Kathryn Jensen (KJ)

  1.  October 27 minutes were approved.
  2. Crit sponsorship (Doug Malmgren). Doug will contact Martin of Omnium Club Team: we’d follow their sponsorship of the State Fair Series by adding a few weeks.
  3. Women’s team support (Bonny Donzella). There was a meeting of women members and Bonny presented the results.  One item is to include women members on the next kit design.  Voted to approve the document Bonny presented with the understanding that there will be another revision on Jan. 19.  Bonnie will be the representative to the Board.
  4. 2016 board elections. Postponed discussion of who will be new Secretary. Voted in new board members:
    Brian Duncan, Treasurer
    Tom  McDonald
    Mona Riskalla
    Kathryn Jensen (KJ) 
  5.  Treasurer report and transition.  Brian Duncan introduced himself.  He is trying to arrange a meeting with Bryan H.
  6. TT race director.  The director doesn’t need a license like they did in the past.  Potential names were discussed, and two people will be approached.
  7.  Men’s elite team support (Shannon).  The budget presented by Shannon was refined, and it was voted to accept.
  8. Sponsor update, Survey, 2015 report (Charlie Vanek, Tom Kunau).  Neither Charlie nor Tom K were present so it was tabled until January meeting.  Discussed a “Coffee Table book of Photos” (KJ).
  9. Clothing order (Fred).  Plan is for fit kit to be at shop first two weeks of January.  Aero jerseys as an option.  Large inventory to be sold also.  Dan, Fred, Tom McD to work on this.
  10. Website: Tim Ayers, new webmaster, introduced himself and talked of Squarespace.
  11. New MCF representative.  KJ will attend the January meeting, accompanied by Monty.  Carrie was at the last meeting.
  12. Team equipment inventory, including return of equipment from 2015 women’s elite team: Dan reported on this – he’s on top of it.
  13. Voted that: The SPBRC supports plowing the Gateway Trail and additionally encourages plowing to the Brown’s Creek Trail junction in order to have a complete transportation / recreational corridor from St. Paul to Stillwater.

Next meeting:  Jan. 19, 2016

Minutes from 27-Oct-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club  Board Meeting                   

Meeting minutes     October 27, 2015, by Peter Fischer


Board Members Present: Steve Hirsh, Brian Duncan (Probable new treasurer), Bryan Hill, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Fred Storti, Tom Grothe, Alec Guggemos, Eric Nauman, Peter Fischer


  • Minutes of September 21 were approved.
  • Anti-doping policy dated May 18, 2015 was reviewed, revised and approved.
  • Annual Meeting will be Nov 19 from 6 to 8pm.  Planned agenda. Discussed Board openings, Race Director, and volunteers needed. There will be food and door prizes.  Door prizes will be purchased from sponsors.
  • Reviewed financial statements provided by Bryan.
  • Women's Elite Team: discussed team status.  Melissa Dahlmann will race in our jersey.
  • Men's Elite Team: reviewed proposal that Eric sketched out based on info from Dale.  Discussed potential team members.
  • Eric and Shannon will work with Dale to refine the budget.
  • Agreed to continue the stipend for the Elite Team Director at the present level.
  • Expectation that racers will network with SPBRC members and even sponsors.
  • Encourage racers to race locally as they are able, we will support this financially.
  • Sponsor Survey: Tom Kunau will collect photos (due Nov. 6) for a report/followup to sponsors.  Tom and Charlie V will visit sponsors, and provide each sponsor with a jersey.
  • Clothing Order for 2016: decided to continue with LG.  Members ordering clothing items will need to try on fit kit.  (Discussed what is being done to ensure correct fit kit).

Next Meeting:  December 15, 2015

Minutes from 24-Aug-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting Meeting minutes Aug 24, 2015, by Peter Fischer 

Board Members Present: Steve Hirsh, Brian Duncan (Probable new treasurer), Bryan Hill, Barry Schmitt, Diedre Ribbens, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Fred Storti, Carrie Seipp, Tom Grothe, Peter Fischer

  1. Minutes of May 18 were approved.
  2. Anti-doping policy is not ready. (Deirdre)
  3. Probable new treasurer, Brian Duncan, was welcomed.
  4. Jersey order re-do, Fred and Barry did a lot of work to get them out. The plan is for them to do jerseys next year.
  5. Drop dead sponsor limit is mid November so jerseys timeline is met.
  6. St. Peter TT, August 8, report. 103 participants. Reports are that it was very well run. Results were turned around very quickly. There was about $100 shortfall, mostly due to higher insurance coverage ($500) required by Nicollet County. Thanks to the many volunteers, and especially Rod Sebastian!
  7. Joining club at end of the year: decided Sept. 1 or later is an early registration and gets a new member 16 months of membership. Carrie will change the website.
  8. 2016 races: TT will be on the agenda for the Oct. meeting, we need a Race Director.
  9. 2016 races: Dakota crit: discussed that it is expensive to rent at Dakota also idea of sharing with another club. Carrie will check into costs of State Fair grounds: the thinking is to just continue with this venue / series into July and August.
  10. Planning for October annual meeting: the planning committee is Shannon, Fred, and Steve. Shawn will do a newsletter in last week of September to announce.
  11. Elite team structure and support: there will be a separate meeting of board members to discuss in early September. Then a meeting with Team Directors.
  12. Communication: Sponsors. Mentioned newsletters. Tom Kunau will put a packet together for sponsors. Again encouraged to put good race pics in the dropbox.
  13. Communication: Members. Minutes should talk of October Annual meeting, last two weeks of October.
  14. Bryan and Brian will reregister with the Secretary of State.
  15. To-do list for the fall: not covered this meeting. 

Next Meeting: Sept 21

October Annual meeting, last two weeks of October.

Minutes from 18-May-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting Meeting minutes May 18, 2015, by Peter Fischer

Board Members Present: Steve Hirsh, Dan Casebeer, Shannon McDonough, Peter Fischer, Tom Grothe, Barry Schmitt, Diedre Ribbens, Bryan Hill, Carrie Seipp

  1. Minutes from April 20 were reviewed, changes noted, and approved.
  2. All expenses and revenues will be allocated to the respective teams: Men’s Elite, Women’s Elite and Juniors. Expenses for insurance and testing for coaches Monty, Lee and Alec will be allocated to the Juniors.
  3. Steve Redelsperger has agreed to be the Coordinator for insurance. Bryan will get him the info.
  4. We will need to clarify insurance for 2016 BRP.
  5. Elite racer contract is finalized and needs to be executed. Team directors need to get them to riders and then to Steve and then to shop.
  6. Update on sponsorship was given by Diedre (also involved were Dan and Tom Kunau). Discussed survey of members and sponsors, regular posting on social media, and an SPBRC dropbox.
  7. Newsletter was discussed, Tom Kunau has an old logo and will use his judgement in using a logo in newsletter.
  8. Anti-Doping Policy: Deidre presented a draft Policy which was reviewed and changes noted. Discussed authority as a board to enforce. Work will continue on this via email, with Deidre and Steve H.
  9. Jersey sizing: Fred is following up with LG.
  10. Katherine attended our meeting about Special Olympics and the North Star Bicycle Festival. We discussed, brainstormed and networked.
  11. This is Bryan’s last year as Treasurer and a September transition is planned. 

Next Meeting: June 15 (if needed)