Minutes from 15-Dec-2014

SPBRC Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes December 15, 2014. By Peter Fischer 

Present: Eric Nauman, Steve Hirsh, Dave Montgomery, Fred Storti, Dan Casebeer, Tom Grothe, Alec Porter, Peter Fischer

Treasurer’s Report: Bryan reported by email to Steve Hirsh that there is nothing new to report, we’re in good shape, but need to get a handle on sponsorship dollars.

Bylaws: The Board formally adopted the Bylaws that were identified and distributed at the November 17 meeting. Voting in favor was unanimous, and included Proxies provided to Steve Hirsh from Carrie Seipp, Barry Seipp, and Bryan Hill.

Board of Directors, Officers: Nominations were made and accepted. Voting was unanimous in favor of the New Officers: Steve Hirsh (President), Fred Storti (Vice President), Bryan Hill (Treasurer), and Peter Fischer (Secretary)

Board of Directors, At-Large : Nominations were made and accepted. Voting was unanimous in favor of eight at-large board members (out of nine available seats) Tom Grothe, Barry Schmitt, Dave Montgomery, Dan Casebeer, Carrie Seipp, Shannon McDonough, Alec Porter and Eric Nauman. 

Mission Statement of the SPBRC was approved as: “The SPBRC supports the development of bike racing from beginning to pro levels with the desire to give each member the opportunity to become a better racer and member of the cycling community.” This Mission Statement was the result of a Mission Review ad hoc group which met on December 1, chaired by Fred Storti.

Draft Values were reviewed and discussed.

Sponsorships were discussed: we are anticipating additional sponsors. In 2015 we will develop our sponsorship program: member input is appreciated.

Jersey: in light of changed sponsorships, the Board revisited and voted that 2015 will be a mandatory jersey purchase year.

Renewing and New Members can use the website to pay dues. Clothing order was discussed.

Generic Training could be provided by Sean Bujold: we’d need to sketch this out and then invite Sean to provide this.

BRP: will be Bill O, Jason G, and Britt.

Transition BRP regular rides for four to six weeks to encourage continued participation were discussed.

USAA Cycling Race Director was deferred to January 2015 meeting. Eric Nauman, Outgoing President, SPBRC, was thanked for his past and ongoing service.