Minutes from 16-Feb-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes February 16, 2015. By Peter Fischer

Present: Steve Hirsh, Dan Casebeer, Barry Schmitt, Carrie Seipp, Shannon McDonough, Alec Porter, Peter Fischer, Bryan Hill,Eric Nauman, Deidre Ribbens.

Old Business

  1. Minutes from Jan 19 meeting were reviewed, change noted, and approved
  2. Club liability insurance and acquiring member waiver document was discussed. Email to be sent before spring party, signature on member waiver required to pick up clothing.
  3. Coaches liability insurance was clarified: SPBRC will pay for Barry, Monty, and Lee.
  4. Directors & Officers liability policy was clarified: through Willis Company: Tom Grothe will work on getting an application and gathering materials.
  5. Race Director Certification: Rod Sebastian has become Certified. We need to view this as a transition year, will need a new Race Director for 2016.
  6. TT schedule and status: Choices are June 13 and August 8. August 8 is preferred as there is a new MCF structure to replace ROY. August 8 would be the last TT of the year, and therefore State Time Trial. Rod will pursue August 8.
  7. Spring party – status: Lori will plan catering with Longfellow
  8. Final sponsor list was discussed and we came closer to an answer. The following are on the jersey: Garneau, Bianchi, HED, SRAM, Cliff, Dunn’s and GP.
  9. Elite team director job descriptions were discussed, motioned, seconded and approved by voice vote. They will be posted to MCF, our website and facebook, response needed by March 6. All are comfortable with the Board Officers approving the final choice. Thanks to all that worked on this project. 

New Business

  1. Men’s active team proposed charter was presented by Doug Malmgren. He will be available at the GP party, it will be posted on the Club website, and there will be a checkbox on the Club Registration Form. He will organize a meeting for those that express an interest. (is this the correct order?)
  2. 2015 budget was presented by Bryan and discussed. The 2015 column was motioned, seconded and approved by voice vote. Thanks to Bryan Hill for preparing these numbers. 
  3. Communicating this budget to members: was not addressed.
  4. Elite racer contract: was not addressed.
  5. Elite team equipment inventory and controls: was not addressed.

Next Meeting: March 16