Minutes from 16-Mar-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting Meeting minutes March 16, 2015 by Peter Fischer

Board Members Present: Present: Steve Hirsh, Dan Casebeer, Shannon McDonough, Alec Porter, Peter Fischer, Bryan Hill, Eric Nauman, Tom Grothe, Dave Montgomery.

  1. Minutes from Feb 16 meeting were accepted.
  2. Club liability insurance has been submitted by Bryan.
  3. Coaches liability insurance was discussed. SPBRC will pay premium ($200) for Barry, Monty, Lee and Dale. Bryan will get forms to the four coaches.
  4. Directors & officers policy: Tom G will work on getting an application form and gather materials.
  5. Spring Party for April 8 was discussed and plans made. Organizer is Lori Sebastian. Discussed Board Presentation, evening schedule, clothing, and membership.
  6. Elite team director agreements were discussed. Club secretary will keep the signed agreements.
  7. Dispensing Cliff Product was discussed. Peter Fischer will be the Cliff Coordinator: he will order the product from Cliff. This product will be distributed to various teams and groups within SPBRC.
  8. Steve Foley Junior Fund was discussed. The intention is to have a separate, dedicated, Junior Fund. Monty will put together a budget. Dan and Monty will meet with Kyle Mansfield.
  9. Board Presentation at Spring Party: items planned include: welcome, state of club, intro 2016 Race Directors/Teams, present budget, intro who sponsors are, invite new sponsorship, intro board members, spotlight on Time Trial/Rod S.
  10. Elite team equipment inventory and controls: Mike at GP Shop will be the Equipment Quartermaster. Shannon McDonough and Tom McDonald will be Coordinators, working with Mike. Discussed going back and getting 2014 equipment back.
  11. Elite racer contract: Alec, Barry, Carrie and Dale will draft this.
  12. 2016 Sponsor program: Noted that on the jersey are: Garneau, Bianchi, HED, SRAM, Cliff, Dunn Brothers, Summit, Foley, Lloyds, Longfellow, and Grand Performance. A group, including Dan, will setup and meet with John Zobel, who has expressed a willingness to work on sponsors with help from a club member.
  13. New club rides
    1. Eric’s Monday evening ride, after last session of BRP
    2. Sunday from Dunn, Steve H.
    3. Second Saturday morning ride, Jill V.
    4. Waivers for non-club members: will be needed for these club rides.
  14. Insurance for BRP: Steve and Bryan will research.
  15. People are encouraged to post individual availability for ad hoc rides on the SPBRC ride board (Facebook).
  16. Club policies
    1. Anti-doping: deferred
    2. Social media: deferred

Next meeting: April 20