Minutes from 17-Nov-2014

SBPRC Board of Director”s Meeting Minutes November 17, 2014 6:15 ­ 9:00pm

Present: Eric Nauman, Steve Hirsh, Dave Montgomery, Barry Schmidt, Fred Storti, Dan Casebeer, Carrie Seipp, Bryan Hill

Agenda Items:

  • Announcement that President of Board is Vacant­ - Will Cragoe resigned effective October 31,2014.
  • Treasurer’s Report -­ Bryan Hill reported that the fund balance is in good shape. Per the SPBRC bylaws, the board agreed that there would be quarterly budget reports and a budget report at the Annual Meeting.
  • Recap of November 10 SPBRC Steering Committee - Meeting­ Steve Hirsh reported that much progress was made in shaping the direction of the upcoming November 23 SPBRC Retreat. The following members were in attendance at this meeting: Carrie Seipp, Bonny Donzella, Barry Schmidt, Bryan Hill, Dave Montgomery, Eric Nauman, Steve Hirsh and Fred Storti.
  • Bylaws Update and Discussion­ The board located, distributed and discussed a set of bylaws. The document included a series of technical changes and some updates. The board was unable to determine if these changes were formally adopted at an SPBRC Board Meeting. The board agreed to formally adopt the identified changes at the December 15, 2014 meeting and formally notify the membership of it’s intention to do so. The bylaws and changes proposed for adoption will follow this in a separate attachment. The board agreed per the bylaws that the board would be composed of 4 officers; president, vice president, treasurer and secretary and up to 9 board members at large. There was board action to fill the following positions until December 31, 2014:
    • President­ - Eric Nauman
    • Vice President­ - Steve Hirsh
    • Treasurer­ - Bryan Hill
    • Secretary­ - Peter Fischer
    • At Large Board Members­ - Dan Casebeer, Tom Grothe, Carrie Seipp, Barry Schmidt, Fred Storti and ex-­officio member Dave Montgomery. There are up to 3 remaining positions to be filled until January, 2015 at which time an election will take place for the slate of officers for 2015.
  • Report on Mitzu Sponsorhip­ - Eric Nauman reported that he had sent a letter to Mitzu inquiring about their continued sponsorship. As of today he had not yet heard back. An email and phone contact will be made immediately.
  • Discussion of Women’s Team Race Payouts from the 2014 Season -­ Bryan Hill reported the requested payments by women’s team members. The board approved the recommendation.
  • Clothing Discussion­ - The timeline and task responsibilities were discussed for the 2015 kit orders from Louie Garneau. Fred Storti reported that members were generally pleased with the quality of the clothing and that there were some needed logistical improvements. Barry Schmidt and Fred Storti agreed to co­facilitate the process.
  • Equipment Sale­ - Dan will be moving forward with an equipment sale soon. To receive the sale prices members must join for 2015.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.