Minutes from 18-May-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting Meeting minutes May 18, 2015, by Peter Fischer

Board Members Present: Steve Hirsh, Dan Casebeer, Shannon McDonough, Peter Fischer, Tom Grothe, Barry Schmitt, Diedre Ribbens, Bryan Hill, Carrie Seipp

  1. Minutes from April 20 were reviewed, changes noted, and approved.
  2. All expenses and revenues will be allocated to the respective teams: Men’s Elite, Women’s Elite and Juniors. Expenses for insurance and testing for coaches Monty, Lee and Alec will be allocated to the Juniors.
  3. Steve Redelsperger has agreed to be the Coordinator for insurance. Bryan will get him the info.
  4. We will need to clarify insurance for 2016 BRP.
  5. Elite racer contract is finalized and needs to be executed. Team directors need to get them to riders and then to Steve and then to shop.
  6. Update on sponsorship was given by Diedre (also involved were Dan and Tom Kunau). Discussed survey of members and sponsors, regular posting on social media, and an SPBRC dropbox.
  7. Newsletter was discussed, Tom Kunau has an old logo and will use his judgement in using a logo in newsletter.
  8. Anti-Doping Policy: Deidre presented a draft Policy which was reviewed and changes noted. Discussed authority as a board to enforce. Work will continue on this via email, with Deidre and Steve H.
  9. Jersey sizing: Fred is following up with LG.
  10. Katherine attended our meeting about Special Olympics and the North Star Bicycle Festival. We discussed, brainstormed and networked.
  11. This is Bryan’s last year as Treasurer and a September transition is planned. 

Next Meeting: June 15 (if needed)