Minutes from 20-Apr-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting Meeting minutes April 20, 2015 by Peter Fischer

Board Members Present: Present: Steve Hirsh, Dan Casebeer, Shannon McDonough, Alec Guggemos, Peter Fischer, Tom Grothe, Barry Schmitt, Carrie Seipp, Diedre Ribbens.

  1. Minutes from March 16 meeting were accepted.
  2. Coaches liability insurance: we will add Alec, but he must take the USAC Coaches test.
  3. Directors and officers insurance, for Board Errors and Omissions: Tom Grothe will get the info to Bryan.
  4. Waivers for non-club members at club rides were discussed.
  5. BRP insurance: Steve and Bryan will research.
  6. Board coordinator for insurance: Shannon will ask Steve Regensberger.
  7. Juniors budget as provided by Monty was reviewed and approved. Monty will be reimbursed at end of season for some entry fees and some lodging. Estimate calls for $2,390 plus $300 for coaches expense if considered.
  8. Elite Rider Agreement was presented by Alec and discussed. A revision was specified. The Agreement was voted and approved. Rider signed agreements will go to Steve for signature, then kept at Shop.
  9. Club rides were discussed, including Eric’s Monday evening vis-à-vis BRP and Sunday from Dunn by Steve. Carrie will put the Sunday ride on the website, and also Eric’s when it starts.
  10. People are encouraged to post individual availability for ad hoc rides on the SPBRC ride board.
  11. Sponsorship working group update: input by John Zobel discussed. Diedre, Tom Kunau, Dan will proceed. One theme is that we value Members and Sponsors.
  12. Discussed putting together a template / service like Mail Chimp for a newsletter. Sean Bujold and Tom Kunau will look into this.
  13. Anti-doping: Diedre will research that we have authority as a board to enforce. She and Steve will put together a draft.
  14. Social media: Tom Kunau will provide a document to use as a template to Steve.
  15. Summer board meeting schedule and communication: please keep the 3rd Monday available on your calendars, but may cancel via email as appropriate. Working groups will continue as appropriate.

Next Meeting: May 18