Minutes from 24-Aug-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting Meeting minutes Aug 24, 2015, by Peter Fischer 

Board Members Present: Steve Hirsh, Brian Duncan (Probable new treasurer), Bryan Hill, Barry Schmitt, Diedre Ribbens, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Fred Storti, Carrie Seipp, Tom Grothe, Peter Fischer

  1. Minutes of May 18 were approved.
  2. Anti-doping policy is not ready. (Deirdre)
  3. Probable new treasurer, Brian Duncan, was welcomed.
  4. Jersey order re-do, Fred and Barry did a lot of work to get them out. The plan is for them to do jerseys next year.
  5. Drop dead sponsor limit is mid November so jerseys timeline is met.
  6. St. Peter TT, August 8, report. 103 participants. Reports are that it was very well run. Results were turned around very quickly. There was about $100 shortfall, mostly due to higher insurance coverage ($500) required by Nicollet County. Thanks to the many volunteers, and especially Rod Sebastian!
  7. Joining club at end of the year: decided Sept. 1 or later is an early registration and gets a new member 16 months of membership. Carrie will change the website.
  8. 2016 races: TT will be on the agenda for the Oct. meeting, we need a Race Director.
  9. 2016 races: Dakota crit: discussed that it is expensive to rent at Dakota also idea of sharing with another club. Carrie will check into costs of State Fair grounds: the thinking is to just continue with this venue / series into July and August.
  10. Planning for October annual meeting: the planning committee is Shannon, Fred, and Steve. Shawn will do a newsletter in last week of September to announce.
  11. Elite team structure and support: there will be a separate meeting of board members to discuss in early September. Then a meeting with Team Directors.
  12. Communication: Sponsors. Mentioned newsletters. Tom Kunau will put a packet together for sponsors. Again encouraged to put good race pics in the dropbox.
  13. Communication: Members. Minutes should talk of October Annual meeting, last two weeks of October.
  14. Bryan and Brian will reregister with the Secretary of State.
  15. To-do list for the fall: not covered this meeting. 

Next Meeting: Sept 21

October Annual meeting, last two weeks of October.