Minutes from 27-Oct-2014

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting Minutes, October 27, 2014 By Peter Fischer, Secretary.

  1. Attendees: Tom Grothe, Peter Fischer, Dave Montgomery, Bryan Hill, Will Cragoe, Steve Hirsh, Dan Casebeer. Other club members too.
  2. Minutes of Sept. 22, 2014 were reviewed, revised, and approved.
  3. Next year we should revisit the by-laws.
  4. Jersey order due Jan. 15
  5. Should be elections in Nov. Taxes submitted in April (Bryan do).
  6. Action plan. By Nov. 7, each Board member feed Fred your own “job description”. (Will pres, Peter sec, Bryan treas, Eric VP. Elections should be in Nov. New officers start Jan 1.
  7. Sponsors were discussed.
  8. Elite team: Dale S gave a history. Discussed resources needed. Two team members made comments.
  9. Women’s team: Carrie made some input.
  10. Juniors team discussed.
  11. A need for a club mission was discussed, one person suggested: we promote amateur bike racing to move an individual rider to the next level. How do we measure success?
  12. A wide ranging discussion ensued.
  13. Decision to have a “Retreat” on Sunday Nov. 23 from 5 to 9 pm. Steve Hirsch will facilitate.