Minutes from 27-Oct-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club  Board Meeting                   

Meeting minutes     October 27, 2015, by Peter Fischer


Board Members Present: Steve Hirsh, Brian Duncan (Probable new treasurer), Bryan Hill, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Fred Storti, Tom Grothe, Alec Guggemos, Eric Nauman, Peter Fischer


  • Minutes of September 21 were approved.
  • Anti-doping policy dated May 18, 2015 was reviewed, revised and approved.
  • Annual Meeting will be Nov 19 from 6 to 8pm.  Planned agenda. Discussed Board openings, Race Director, and volunteers needed. There will be food and door prizes.  Door prizes will be purchased from sponsors.
  • Reviewed financial statements provided by Bryan.
  • Women's Elite Team: discussed team status.  Melissa Dahlmann will race in our jersey.
  • Men's Elite Team: reviewed proposal that Eric sketched out based on info from Dale.  Discussed potential team members.
  • Eric and Shannon will work with Dale to refine the budget.
  • Agreed to continue the stipend for the Elite Team Director at the present level.
  • Expectation that racers will network with SPBRC members and even sponsors.
  • Encourage racers to race locally as they are able, we will support this financially.
  • Sponsor Survey: Tom Kunau will collect photos (due Nov. 6) for a report/followup to sponsors.  Tom and Charlie V will visit sponsors, and provide each sponsor with a jersey.
  • Clothing Order for 2016: decided to continue with LG.  Members ordering clothing items will need to try on fit kit.  (Discussed what is being done to ensure correct fit kit).

Next Meeting:  December 15, 2015