Minutes from 15-Dec-2015

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting minutes December 15, 2015, by Peter Fischer

Board Members Present: Brian Duncan (Probable new treasurer), Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Fred Storti, Tom Grothe, Alec Guggemos, Peter Fischer, Tom McDonald, Mona Riskalla, Kathryn Jensen (KJ)

  1.  October 27 minutes were approved.
  2. Crit sponsorship (Doug Malmgren). Doug will contact Martin of Omnium Club Team: we’d follow their sponsorship of the State Fair Series by adding a few weeks.
  3. Women’s team support (Bonny Donzella). There was a meeting of women members and Bonny presented the results.  One item is to include women members on the next kit design.  Voted to approve the document Bonny presented with the understanding that there will be another revision on Jan. 19.  Bonnie will be the representative to the Board.
  4. 2016 board elections. Postponed discussion of who will be new Secretary. Voted in new board members:
    Brian Duncan, Treasurer
    Tom  McDonald
    Mona Riskalla
    Kathryn Jensen (KJ) 
  5.  Treasurer report and transition.  Brian Duncan introduced himself.  He is trying to arrange a meeting with Bryan H.
  6. TT race director.  The director doesn’t need a license like they did in the past.  Potential names were discussed, and two people will be approached.
  7.  Men’s elite team support (Shannon).  The budget presented by Shannon was refined, and it was voted to accept.
  8. Sponsor update, Survey, 2015 report (Charlie Vanek, Tom Kunau).  Neither Charlie nor Tom K were present so it was tabled until January meeting.  Discussed a “Coffee Table book of Photos” (KJ).
  9. Clothing order (Fred).  Plan is for fit kit to be at shop first two weeks of January.  Aero jerseys as an option.  Large inventory to be sold also.  Dan, Fred, Tom McD to work on this.
  10. Website: Tim Ayers, new webmaster, introduced himself and talked of Squarespace.
  11. New MCF representative.  KJ will attend the January meeting, accompanied by Monty.  Carrie was at the last meeting.
  12. Team equipment inventory, including return of equipment from 2015 women’s elite team: Dan reported on this – he’s on top of it.
  13. Voted that: The SPBRC supports plowing the Gateway Trail and additionally encourages plowing to the Brown’s Creek Trail junction in order to have a complete transportation / recreational corridor from St. Paul to Stillwater.

Next meeting:  Jan. 19, 2016