Minutes from 19-Jan-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes Jan. 19th 2016

Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Fred Storti, Tom Grothe, Alec Guggemos, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Tim Ayers, Dale Segwick, Bonny Donzella

Old Business

  • December minutes will be approved next month
  • State Fair Crit Sponsorship (Doug Malmgren) -- Doug stated that Omnium would be willing to co-sponsor 3 races as part of series in July. The cost per race is $2,000.00. The board passed that they would allocate up to $3,000.00 to split the $6,000.00 cost with Omnium. We will need Club volunteers for race duties. A Race Director is needed.  KJ and Dave M. will attend the MCF meeting to secure dates for Races.
  • Treasurer's report (Brian Duncan) -- Brian D. will meet with Bryan Hill to transition Bank accounts.
  • TT Race Director Update -- As of the meeting we have not found anyone willing to take responsibility as Race Director. The proposed race date is August 6th. If we cannot find a Director, we will need to give up the race. Bonnie will send out an email to the club see if anyone is willing.
  • Sponsor Report Update (Tom K and KJ)  -- KJ worked on creating a coffee table book for our sponsors. We plan to create 11 books for Summit, Lloyd’s Auto, Dunn Brothers, Blue Plate, HED, Foley Mansfield, SRAM, Bianchi and an extra book to show new sponsors. The Board allocated $750.00 to create the books. KJ will send out a link to have members update captions and memories associated to pictures by 1/22. Response is needed by 1/29. The goal is to have the book completed by 2/12.

New Business

  • Changes to the new web site have been made by Tim.  New website uses Square Space and SWIPE for club-member payments.  New website will implement changes for 2015 jersey purchases and any new team member dues.
  • Women's Team Budget -- the budget for $5K approved in December 2015.  Women's team created a mini- board of 3 members, consisting of Bonnie, Connie, and Denise.  There's a possibiliy of adding 10 members from Anna Schwinn's team; waiting for confirmation.
  • Men's Elite Team -- Eric and Shannon are team liaisons for the elite team.  For equipment, men have all four sets of HED wheels but want to purchase more.  Their clothing requiremennts will be submitted to Fred Storti to add to team order.  Dale raised questions about Cliff wearable swag/contracts for elite riders.
  • Club account credentials-- need a list of the accounts and who is associated with the accounts.  Examples:  Pay Pal/Website/Bank.  Tim will research.
  • Cliff order -- Steve.  Bonnie will get 70 box order submitted by February.
  • By-laws review --  Binder will checked for by-laws.
  • Board contact sheet -- Steve will send out contact sheet in Google Docs soboard members can update their email, phone, and other contact information
  • Dan will confirm date for Spring party.  Lori will contact Blue Plate regarding food for the party.
  • Junior's team jersey count -- Fred's order is 11 total.
  • Leftover jerseys will be sold after spring party.