Minutes from 15-March-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes March 15, 2016


Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Steve Hirsch, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Mona LaPlant, Dale Sedgewick, Andy Ralston., Sean, and Brit Billingsley


Old Business


* The February 2016 minutes were approved by the Board.

* Crit Sponsorship Update (Doug Malmgren)

o All three dates were secured (July 12th, 19th, and July 26th).

* BRP Update (Brit Billingsley)

o The BRP will begin April 18th.

o Six people have signed up for the program.

o A Monday track /velodrome event is being added to the BRP offerings.

* Bylaws Amendment vote (Steve)

o Updated bylaws were sent to the club at large for review.

o No feedback from club at large.

o Tom will work with Tim to add the approved, updated bylaws to club website.

o Updated bylaws will be added to folders.

* Treasurer’s Report (Brian Duncan):

o New bank account was set up for club signers.

o The signers are Bryan Hill, Dan Casebeer, and Brian Duncan.

o The move from PayPal to Swipe/Square was completed.

o PayPal account will remain open until later this year to ensure all transactions are handled.

* Club Credit Cards (Brian)

o Four new business credit cards for Men’s, Women’s, and Juniors’ teams, and for Steve Hirsch.

* $5K limit for each card

* Sponsor Photo Book Distribution (Dan)

o Charlie and Tom to deliver books, jerseys, and 2016 invoices to sponsors. Monty and Fred will accompany Charlie/Tom on deliveries.

* Spring Party Program (Group)

o Elite Men’s, Elite Women’s, and Juniors teams will be presented.

o Board members will be presented.

o Clothing will be distributed.

o Crit series will be announced.

o Lydia will be announced as state time trial race director.

o Requests will be made for volunteers to assist with the Crit series, time trial, and BRP.

* Shannon will provide clip boards and sign-up sheets

o Leftover jerseys from last year will be sold on the website after the spring party (date TBD)


New Business

* Freddie Rodriguez (Andy Ralston)

o For cost of air-fare, FR will come to Minneapolis to discuss possible sponsorship/clothing for 2017.

o In addition, possibility will ride with club members and give a talk to club membership.

* Women’s Week (Dan Casebeer)

o Andy Freeman and Denise Ward are planning a WW event comprising rides, coaching, and clothing.

o Sponsorship by Grand Performance.

o Date TBD; possibly late April/early May.

* High Bridge Resurfacing Project (Steve)

o Steve is on Citizen Advisory Committee for this project, and will provide updates as available.

* Men’s Elite Team North Star Race (Dale)

o Dale wants to add three racers for the June race.

o Alec and Alex are Cat 2 and need to be upgraded to Cat 1.

o Peter, already a Cat 1, should be cleared to participate in North Star Race.

o Board agreed to add one out-of-town racer, but the other two must be local talent.



Next meeting: April 19, 2016