Minutes from 18-April-2016

St Paul Bicycle Racing Club

Board Meeting

April 18, 2016, 5:45 – 7:45

Powerhouse at Highland

617 S Snelling Ave | Suite B | St. Paul, MN 55116


Meeting Notes



* Board: Tom Grothe, Dave Montgomery, Katherine Jenson, Shannon McDonough, Dan Casebeer, Tom Kunau, Fred Storti, Steve Hirsh

* Members: Bonny Donzella, Andy Ralston, Sean Bujold, Dale Sedgwick


1) Old business

a. Approve March minutes

i. approved

b. Treasurer’s report (Brian)

i. none

c. Freddie Rodriguez clothing (Andy Ralston)

i. Board approved up to $400 for plane ticket and up to $200 per diem (if requested) to bring Freddie Rodriguez.

ii. Tentative dates: 7/8 – 7/11

iii. Activities – Dan and Andy will coordinate

1. July 9 SPBRC/Omnium crit

2. Sunday ride

3. Shop talks

iv. Kits

1. Dan will order small run of shop kits, and has offered to donate profits to club.

2) New business

a. 2017 kit design

i. Design/ordering criteria:

1. Colors to feature green/red/white

2. Cost comparable to past years

3. Sponsor logos to be displayed on kit

4. Same design for men’s and women’s kits

a. Fred will invite Connie Wahlberg to work with him on design with goal of creating a design acceptable to men and women.

ii. Design contest: Fred will create a contest for club members to design new kits. Designs due by 6/1. Winner to get free bibs/jersey.

b. Women’s team clothing

i. Club will submit a second order to LG for clothing for women’s team.

ii. Clothing for NSGP composite members to come from women’s team budget.

c. New sponsor recruitment

i. Tom K will develop marketing plan for board to review in June.

ii. Sponsorship commitments due by Nov. 1 for inclusion in new kit design.

iii. Club will aim to retain current sponsors and to recruit a new major sponsor (at least $10,000/yr commitment).

iv. Marketing plan will propose sponsorship tiers, and cost/benefits for each tier.

d. Summer meeting schedule

i. No meeting in May.

ii. Next meeting: June 6

1. June meeting to review/approve marketing plan, kit design contest results.