Minutes from 20-June-2016

SPRC Board Meeting

June 20, 2016


Special Session: Sponsorship Plan


Present: Steve Hirsh, Bonny Donzella, Tom Groethe, Tom McDonald, Dave Montgomery, Katherine Jensen, Bryan Duncan, Tom Kunau, and Mona LaPlant


Two topics were discussed: Short-term and long-term goals for SPRC.


A. Short-term goals

· Obtain update on the Charlie’s progress with distributing the mix books, jerseys, and invoices from February.

· Steve and Dan will contact Charlie daily for a week in hopes of response.

* Outcome: Steve communicated with Charlie, who will work with Mona this week to distribute the sponsor packets. Mona will update the invoices and thank you letters for those packets before delivery.


B. Long-term goals

· A number of ideas were discussed, including

· Establish a wellness program with a larger sponsor

· Company sponsorship for one of the teams (juniors, women’s, active, elite)

· Expand the Beginning Racing Program (BRP) by increasing its visibility (e.g., improve communication with other TC-area clubs about the program)

* Hire a staff person to organize/prioritize and help with the

implementation of the sponsorship plan. The Board will discuss further at an upcoming meeting.


· The Board decided to focus on 5 things for 2016-17

· Increase dues for members who do not volunteer

* Board needs to determine minimum volunteer requirements for the discount

* Board will discuss pricing (e.g., charge $55 for member-volunteers and $100 for member-nonvolunteers

* Issue will be discussed further at August Board meeting

· Increase income/in-kind donations from current sponsors, and/or identify additional sponsors. Current sponsorship:

* Lloyds Auto ($2500)

* Summit Brewery ($2500 + 4 parties/year)

* Blue Plate ($2500)

* Dunn Bros Coffee ($2500)

* GP (club discounts, and much more)

* Hed wheels (equipment)

* Sram (equipment)

* Bianchi (equipment)

* L.G. (clothing)

* Clif Bar (product)

· Increase the Beginning Racing Program (BRP)

· Increase participation through raised visibility

· Goal: raise $2500 from the BRP

· Board will discuss at August Board meeting

· Determine income from clothing

· Bryan D didn’t have the numbers for how profitable to the club

· Will bring the information to the August Board meeting for discussion

· What profits derived from the clothing? Should prices stay stable, be raised to increase income, or should funds be raised in other ways?

· Create title sponsorship for events

· Examples: The time trial and/or the Crit

· Board will discuss at the October meeting