Minutes from 1-Aug-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes August 1, 2016


Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dave Montgomery, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Bonny Donzella, Tom Grothe, Fred Storti, Tom Kunau, Mona LaPlant, and Steve Hirsch


Old Business


·         The June 2016 minutes were approved.


·         Treasurer’s Report


o   Men’s Elite team was budgeted $13K for travel expenses.  To date, $4K has been spent.

o   Monty noted that Alec was thinking of doing track nationals and a Canadian track race; however, Dale must submit a request to the Board for additional spending.

o   Women’s team  was allocated $2100 for travel expenses.  To date, $500 has been spent.  Not all expense reports have been submitted. 

o   Junior team received a check for $2500 for 2017 from Foley Mansfield.

o   Fast Freddie Party (FFP) expenses: 

§  $1800  spent for food and Freddie’s airfare

§  The Junior team and main club accounts will split the FFP costs 50/50.

o   Steve will look into changing the club’s 501c7 designation to one that enables donations to be tax deductible. 

o   Fred moved that the club transfer $500 to the Fast Freddie Foundation.  Vote was passed unanimously.

o   Fred will write a thank-you letter to the FF Foundation.


·         Sponsorship


o   Blue Plate Group (BPG)

§  Tom K. met with the BPG to discuss what they would like to see from the SPBRC for their sponsorship. 

·         Idea:  Use tag lines in social media. 

·         Idea:  Designate pairings between a team and a restaurant (e.g., the Women’s team linked with the Longfellow Grill; the Men’s team with the Highland Grill – team members would be available for “their” restaurant’s promotional events )

§  Tom K. thought the BPG would pay $2500 for 2017. 

§  The BPG asked for a W9 from the SPBRC to verify that we are a charitable organization.  Brian Duncan and Tom K. will follow up.

o   Foley Mansfield

§  Paid for 2017.

o   Summit

§  They indicated that they would pay, but we must follow up with them to finalize.

o   Lloyd’s Auto

§  It is unclear what LA wants to do for 2017. 

§  LA wants to know what their sponsorship’s value is to the club, and wants to be more involved. 

§  Tom K. will follow up with them.

o   Dunn Bros

§  DB will pay for 2017, but Dan C . will follow up with them.

o   Ideas for sponsorship

§  Establish an account manager for each sponsor. 

·         Benefit:  The sponsor has a single point of contact, and  the club develops one-on-one relationships with our sponsors. 

§  Establish a social media manager.

·         Responsibilities would include, e.g.,  ensuring timeliness, accuracy, and consistency of tagging in social media.

§  Create a sponsorship committee

·         Responsibilities would include pursuing new sponsors and maintaining/enhancing relationships with current sponsors.

·         The Board will discuss details, and identify sponsorship committee members, at September meeting.

·         Fall Meeting


o   Will be held the week of Oct 24 at Summit Brewery.

o   Lori S. will follow up with Summit to secure the location.

o   To do:  Need to confirm that Lori S. will be responsible for food, or identify someone else.


·         State Time Trial


o   Volunteers  are needed.

o   Bonny and Steve will follow up with Lydia.


·         Clothing


o   SPBRC Kit Design:  Survey narrowed the options to Options B and E

§  Option B

·         Concerns regarding the design; i.e., the triangle is too close to the Wilier shield.

·         Will not choose Option B.  

§  Option E

·         Option E includes modifications to the currentjersey.

·         Fred will confer with Tim regarding options.

·         The design decision will be finalized at the September meeting.

·         Bibs will stay same as this year.

·         Fred will follow up with LG and Podium Wear

o   Will request a fit kit from Podium Wear, and ask if they can meet LG’s prices.

·         Consumer pricing will depend on the SPBRC’s deal regarding costs.

o   Podium T-shirts

§  Bonny suggested special podium t-shirts.

§  The Board will discuss at the September meeting.


·         Beginning Racing Program (BRP)

o   The Board will discuss opportunities for increasing participation at the September meeting.


·         Dues

o   Dues at different rates based on volunteering.

§  Should different rates be assessed for volunteers and non-volunteers?

§  If so, what should the dues be for volunteers?  For non-volunteers?

§  What is the minimum volunteer requirement for discounted dues?

§  The Board will discuss at the September meeting.


New Business


No new business



Next Meeting:  September 19, 2016