Minutes from 20-December-2016

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes December 20, 2016

Board Members Present: Hart Keller, Dan Casebeer, Monte, Brian Duncan, Fred Storey, Tom Goethe, Eric Nolan, KJ, Mona, and Tom McDonald

Race Updates

  • State Time Trial – scheduled for August 12, 2017.  Still held at St. Peter.  Lydia will be race director.
  • State Fair Crits – still trying to get 3 dates, basically the same time frame in July as was the case for 2016.  Will follow up with Doug (?) to confirm.
    • Discussed having a sponsor for each Crit race, e.g., Lloyd’s Automotive Night.  More discussion needed.
    • Discussed request from Mike Delany to hold 6 Crit races rather than the current 3.  More discussion needed.

Club Rides

  • Idea --  get each of the teams (i.e., the Womens, Elite, Juniors) to lead a club ride

    • Need to discuss whether the club needs more insurance if we do these rides.
    • Need to identify who leads which rides.
    • Hart will check with MORC to see how they do these kinds of rides.
    • Discussed option to have more club rides after the BRP.  (Also need to investigate whether/how much additional insurance required for the BRP.)
    • Need to coordinate publicty for the BRP with other bike shops and social media outlets.


  • Need more people to volunteer.

    • Some have expressed dissatistfaction with changes to the dues structure.


  • Lloyd's Automotive has paid $1,250 for 2017.
  • Foley Mansfield has paid $5,000 for 2017 and 2018 for the Junior program.
  • Blue Plate - Monte will check with them for payment.
  • Dunn Brothers - Dan emailed Andy regarding payment.
  • Summit - Still owes $2,500 for 2017.

Elite Team

  • Sponsors want more for their money than just appearing on jerseys.
  • Need Elite Team members to promote the sponsors in order to retain them.
  • The Elite Team's budget needs to be reduced from last year.
    • The new budget has not yet been determined.

Promotion of European Trip

  • Eric raised possibility for club members to go on European tour.
  • Board members did not feel it appropriate to publicize such an event.
  • Agreed it is OK to publicize via social media (e.g., Facebook) but without the club's endorsement.

Clothing Update

  • Fred will get the fit kit to GP around the first of the year. (Note: It arrive 1/2/17)
  • The LG store on the web site to purchase the clothing will be up by January 6.


Next meetings:

January 17, 2017 at 5:45 pm.

February 13, 2017 at 5:45 pm.

Spring meeting will be held on April 5th at Summit