Minutes from 17-January-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes January 17, 2017

Board Members Present: Hart Kuller, Dan Casebeer, Monte, Brian Duncan, Fred Stortey, KJ, Mona, Shannon M., Denise Ward, Alec G., Lydia, Brett, Doug M., and Tom McDonald

Race Updates

  • State Time Trial -- set for August 12th. We will not need timing chips, which will save money. Hart will work with Steve R. on insurance. Lydia will provide a list of needed volunteers by the April meeting.
  • State Fair Crit (Crit du Nord) -- Being changed from 3 to 6 races. We will own the last 3 races. Doug will supply list of needed volunteers for those 3 races by the April meeting. Dates of our races: June 6 , 13, and 27.
    • Last year’s early registration was $25; same day was $30
    • We discussed increasing this year’s registration fees to $30 for early and $40 for same day.
    • Mike is pursuing a new sponsorship with Lazer to provide a cash prize for the top 3 teams for the series.


  • We will need additional insurance for the club. Steve R is waiting for a quote. BRP will probably need a separate policy through USA Cycling, which we can obtain for $100 plus $2.25 per person/per event. Need to get overall insurance information from Steve R before making decision.

Club Rides

  • We will wait for the insurance discussion before discussing additional club rides. Plan to discuss at February 2017 meeting.

Volunteer Opportunities Include

  • Board of directors
  • Time Trial tasks
  • State Fair Crit tasks
  • BRP
  • Club events (e.g., parties)
  • Clothing distribution
  • Web page
  • Leading club rides
  • Sponsorship liaison
  • Coaching
  • Raising money for race swag
  • Indoor training coordinator
  • Finding additional sponsors for Junior Team
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • MCF representative


  • Flyer needs to be provided to different clubs within the metro, and to shops.
  • Flyer needs to be posted toTCBC-MCF website.
  • Location of event is being changed from Fort Snelling to State Fairgrounds.
  • Need to contact someone at fairgrounds to confirm this is still possible.
  • Need to hold a pre-meeting at GP for bike tune-up and equipment evaluation and possible upgrades.


  • No change with regard to sponsors’ payments since last month. (See December 2016 minutes.)
  • Budget will be cut for 2017.
  • Need to talk with Chuckie from Rally and/or Jason L. about attracting and retaining sponsors.

Financial Statement

  • 68 members have paid as of January 17, 2017.
  • Main account = $26,750
  • Junior account = $7,462
  • Membership breakdown: 23 members renewed with volunteer/new discount ($55), and 39 renewed under non-volunteer option ($75).

Women's Team

  • Denise Ward proposed a 2017 budget of $7,256 budget-- an increase from 2016 budget of $4,000.
  • This year’s proposal includes focus on high-impact events (e.g. the Fly-over Series) . The Women's budget supports 3 women’s travel, lodging, kits, and entry fees. Two of the women (including Denise) are local; one is out of state, with the potential to win the series.
  • No decision was made regarding the proposal.

Elite Team

  • Discussed changing from Elite Team to U23 Development Team. Need more discussion with Dale, and his proposed budget for 2017, to continue discussion.


  • Everything on track for distribution at April meeting to the membership.

Minnesota Cycling Center

  • Hart, Monty, and Fred met with Jason L. regarding the Minnesota Cycling Center Velodrome. Info about the velodrome will be shared with the membership through email, website, and Facebook.