Minutes from 25-Sept-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes Sept. 25, 2017


Board Members Present: Brit, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Tom McDonald, Josh, Alec G., Eric Nauman, , Tom Grothe, Fred Storti, Mona LaPlant, Hart Kuller


Old Business

  • Sponsorship

We received a check from Blue Plate for $2500 for 2017.

  • The August meeting minutes where approved.
  • We decided not to have the Fall Club meeting on 10/31 because of the date. We are try to arrange a later date at Summit. If not, we could try other locations. (Red Kitchen or Blue Plate).
  • We will arrange to have next year’s meeting at Summit and schedule them now.

** Spring Meeting April 4 or 5
** Dan’s Shop Party Feb. 15th.
** Fall Party Oct 24 or 25.


New Business

  • Board of Directors and Officer vacancies

o Brian Duncan and Tom K are not returning

o Brit volunteered to be the next Treasurer

o Mona will stay on the Board if we move the meeting to Tuesday due to work commitments

o Josh volunteered to take over BRP if he can hand off the Men’s Active team responsibilities.

o Jordan might take over Men’s Active Team.

o We need an Election Judge for BOD. Mike Spengler?

o We need State TT Director

o Doug will support the Fairground Crit. Series.

  • Board approved Hart’s resolution regarding Elite Team support.


Next Meeting Oct. 30th