Minutes from 13-February-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes February 13, 2017

Board Members PresentDan Casebeer, Monte, Mona, Fred Storti, Alec, Hart Kuller, Shannon, Brit, Josh and Tom McDonald

New Business:

Beginning Racing Program (BRP):

  • Flyers and Card need to be taken to Shops around town.
  • Website need to be updated
  • BRP will move to Lyledale Park along the River


  • Dunn Brothers Coffee has decided not to renew sponsorship. Club members still go to Dunns for coffee. We need to find another Coffee shop for sponsorship. We will ask Jason to focus for first possible sponsor. We will remove from jersey.
  • Lloyds Automotive have paid $1,250.00.
  • Summit? Might need a contract.
  • Blue Plate? Unknown?


  • 86 members have paid as of 2/13 from 110 members from last year.
  • We have 11 juniors registered.
  • Tim will tell us the exact amount from Website.


  • 300 pieces of clothing have been ordered. Up from last year.
  • $20,000 ordered $15,000 for website - $5,000 team clothing
  • Fred will get final numbers for Budget.


  • Clif had not decided to renew sponsorship as of 2/13. They will get back to the club. However will leaving them on the Jersey.

Next meeting will be on March 28th.

Hart is having heart surgery and will not be at the meeting.

We need to talk about Team Budgets.