Minutes from 28-March-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes March 28, 2017


Board Members Present:, Dan Casebeer, Monte, KJ, Fred Storti, Alec, Hart Kuller, Shannon, Brit, Brian D, Jason Lardy, Denise Ward, Dale S, Tom K and Tom McDonald


New Business:

Spring Party

  • 4/5 We are ready to go. Food from Longfellow Grill,
  • Team New Kit looks good. And ready to distribute.
  • Each Team (Juniors, Women’s Elite and Men’s Elite) will introduce their teams to the Club members.
  • We need to talk about using hashtags as well in social media posting.

Health Fair (Denise)

  • The date to be included in the Health Fair has passed. Maybe next year.

Beginning Racing Program (BRP):

  • 6 people have signed up for BRP.
  • June 2nd for the Track session.
  • BRP will start at Harriet Island Band Shell.

Juniors Program

  • 14 have signed up for program
  • They are working Fitness on and off the bike.
  • Will work / join BRP on some if not all nights.
  • Wednesday training night. Leave from the shop.

Women’s Program

  • 12 to 14 have signed up for Women’s program / Team
  • We have 3 Elite members

Crit Du Nord

  • We are responsible for 3 dates. 6/27, 7/11, and 7/18

Club Budget Overview

  • Current balance is $30,229.75
  • The Board voted to keep a $10,000 reserve.
  • Spring Party $1,300
  • Men Elite Team submitted a Budget of $21,070. They will receive $11,000 for the 2017 race year.
  • Women’s Elite Team submitted a budget of $7,256. They will receive $5,000 for the 2017 race year.
  • We will keep $2,000 for Emergency’s.


  • Jason Lardy attended the meeting and introduced himself. He will help the club to find sponsors. His fees are 30% of cash and 10% of product.


  • 108 members have paid as of 3/28 from 110 members from last year.

Next meeting will be on 4/17.