Minutes from 21-August-2017

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes Aug. 21, 2017

Board Members Present: Brian Duncan, Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Tom McDonald, Kathryn Jensen, Eric Nauman, , Tom Grothe, Fred Storti, Mona LaPlant, Hart Kuller

Old Business


  • No change. We had an opportunity with Warm Skin, however no action was taken.
  • Summit, Lloyds, Foliey Mansfeild are paid sponsors.

Crit Du Nord

  • $1,500

State TT:  

      • $700

Clothing Sales:

    • $4,357.  


    • 126 members
    • 37 non volunteers
    • 71 volunteers
    • 14 juniors
    • 4 BRP

New Business

Recap of this year

    • No picture / sponsor tags on Facebock, Instgram, twitter for either Women’s or Men’s teams.
    • Can we afford Woman’s and Men’s Elite Teams?
    • Why do we have Elite Teams?
    • We purposed to change focus of the club from Racing to Member focused club.
    • We need to get member to show up to events. Grand Fondo’s? Club Rides?
    • We would still support induvial riders for Racing, but would need to come to board and ask for funding
    • Sponsor are Club and Racing Team Sponsors.
    • The culture of the clubs is changing.
    • We could support Team in the future when we could better funding sources.
    • We need to think about this and make a decision. 
    • Tom G. will talk to Dale.

Fred’s Labor Day ride

    • Fred proposed to have box lunches and Beer for after ride.
    • Two rides one 45 and 65 miles. Leaving from Marine on the St.Croix.


Next meeting:  Sept 25, 2017