Minutes from 30-Jan-2018

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes Jan. 30, 2018

Board Members Present: Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Tom McDonald, Brit B., , Hart Kuller, Tom G., Brandon, KJ,

Old Business

  1. Budget – The club as $37,499 in the bank as of 1-30-18. For club members we have 10 juniors, 4 BRC (ADC), 8 new members. A total for 1-30 of 83 members.
  2. Clothing – Members have spent $12,700.00
  3. Sponsorship – Blue Plate in at $2.500, Lloyds in at $1,250 (Lloyd requested a mail list of current members). Summit? Jason will contact. St. Thomas Liqueur (Club members get 15% discount) Josh will create a membership card.
  4. BRP/ARP – Josh is taking over responsibility.  Changing name to ARP (Advanced Racing Program).  Josh volunteered to attend next meeting of MN Cycling Federation (MCF). Josh would like to advertise on Facebook. He is familiar with the process. Josh would like to create membership/ business cards to hand out to perspective future ARP members.
  5. State Time Trial –Lydia, will not return as State TT Race director. We will put a request to the club to see if anyone will step up to director. Board suggested paying race director $250 for their time.
  6. Alec G. – Requested $954 reimbursement for London trip.  Juniors are paying $300. General fund will reimburse him for the balance. Hart has volunteered to be Race Director with help.
  7. Nature Valley Stage race is looking for volunteers. Orson Byton will coordinate with club members.
  8. Spring Party will be 4/4 from 5:30 to 8 at Summit.

Next meeting:  April 3rd, 2017  @ Powerhouse 5:45