Minutes from 3-Apr-2018

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes April. 3, 2018

Board Members Present: Josh Hampsher , Dan Casebeer, Dave Montgomery, Shannon McDonough, Tom McDonald, Brit B., Fred Storti, Mona LaPlant, Hart Kuller, Kathryn Jensen, Thomas Reinartz, Alec, Eric

Old Business

  1. Budget – The club as $43,678 in the bank

New Business

  1. Clothing Order (Fred) have arrived and will be distributed at party. $12,633= $2,880 profit.
  2. ARP (Josh) Card and Membership Card are done. 10 members in ARP. Coaches needed
  3. Membership/discount cards (Josh) Hand out at meeting on 4/4
  4. State Time Trial –6/9 in St. Peter. Suggestion: T.J. Board suggested paying race director $250 for their time.
  5. Summit Ride leadership. First ride will be Thursday May 24th and will be led by Tom McDonald and Shannon. Board Meeting will follow at Summit. We plan to have monthly rides from Summit for the summer. 6/27- Fred, 7/25 and 8/22.
  6. New Cliff program (HK) Sponsorship from Cliff has changed. We will no longer get some free product. We have a website that we can order at a reduced price. Hart will order a variety of product as we did last year, and distribute it out to the club.
  7. Members party 4/4 at Summit.
  8. Succession planning- Hart and Fred will not be returning as President and Vice President.

Next meeting: May. 24th, 2018