Board Meeting Agenda for 11-Dec-2018

Time: 12/11/18, 5:30
Place: The Powerhouse
617 S Snelling Ave
St. Paul

1. Finalize Board election
2. Financial report - Brit
3. Race reimbursement report - Hart
4. Clothing report - Fred/Tom
5. State TT
6. Confirm ARP coordinator (Josh)
7. Recruit Active team coordinator
8. Confirm State Fair Crit coordinator (Doug)
9. Transition matters
10. New Business

2017 Memberships Available and Dues Structure Change

To encourage member involvement the board has instituted a new dues structure. If you have not helped with any club activities, dues for the following year will be more expensive. 2017 is a transition year so the price difference will be modest. If you volunteered in 2016, your 2017 member dues will stay the same at $55. If you didn't volunteer the 2017 dues will be $75. Starting in 2018 dues will be $55 for a volunteer, and $100 for a non-volunteering member. 

New member dues will always be $55.

Sign up for your 2017 membership in the SPBRC store.