To all members: there will be a meeting of the members of SPBRC at the time and place stated below for the purpose of first taking nominations for the Board and then, if uncontested, electing those nominated to serve as members of the Board for the upcoming year. All current Board members, except Tom Kunau, have indicated a willingness to stay on for another one year term and will be nominated to serve another term.

Current Board

  • President Hart Kuller
  • Vice President Fred Storti
  • Treasurer Brit Billingsley
  • Secretary Tom McDonald

Members at Large

  • Dan Casebeer
  • Tom Grothe
  • Alec Guggemos
  • Kathryn Jensen
  • Shannon McDonough
  • Dave Montgomery
  • Eric Nauman
  • Mona Riskalla

It is also expected that TJ Reinartz will be nominated to fill the vacancy left by Tom Kunau. We will accept other nominations at the meeting but would encourage you to send any additional nominations to me before then. Under our By Laws, if there are no other nominations, the returning Board members plus TJ will be elected at the meeting. If there are contested nominations, ballots will be sent out and another meeting conducted at a later time and place of which you will receive an additional notice. You are of course welcome to attend the meeting but absent a contested election, the meeting will be pretty perfunctory. Let me know if you have any questions.

Time: 12/21/17 @ 5:45
Place: The Power House
           617 Snelling Ave S
          St. Paul, MN 55116