2018 Race Reimbursement Policy

The Board has established a race reimbursement program for the 2018 season. Reimbursement will be for race registration/entrance fees only.  The pool available to qualified applicants will be $3000. If qualified requests exceed that amount, reimbursement to each applicant will be reduced pro rata. Reimbursement will be limited to $200 per applicant for the season and $50 per event. In order to qualify, the applicant must meet the following criteria:
1. Club member in good standing; and
2. Complete 5 events which publish results. Published results include those posted on social media such as Facebook as well as other internet sites.  Events can include road, cross, gravel and other biking events so long as they publish results; or
3. Complete 1 such event after graduation from the the current year’s ARP; and
4. Actively promote the Club thru social media.
Applications for reimbursement will be accepted and acted on only one time  in the fall.

The Board, at its discretion and on a case by case basis, may increase the annual reimbursement for an applicant by up to $200 to cover national and international events. The total additional amount will not exceed $2000.